The future of religious cultural heritage? Let’s talk about it!

The Future for Religious Heritage: European Sustainable Religious Heritage conference was held in the university town of Lund, just 20 km from Malmö and only 60 km from Copenhagen. Sounds unusual and interesting? Yes it was! The topics covered the challenges faced by various religions and religious groups: from the problems of abandoned churches in READ MORE

How to model the risk of damage for canvas paintings?

Today we will tell you more about a three-dimensional model of a canvas painting, which we are working on in the GRIEG project. In order for the computer model to correctly predict the impact of climate fluctuations on the condition of the object, it is crucial to know the properties of the materials from which READ MORE

Lime wood is the new comic book superhero!

Today we present a short picture story from an experiment that allows you to determine the moisture content in tested wood samples. A fragment was saved from each sample after testing on the UTM and immediately weighed. After collecting all the pieces of wood, we dried them at 103 degrees Celsius until a constant weight READ MORE

We respond to the energy crisis with a passive storage for collections

We had a pleasure of hosting a meeting of experts devoted to the design of the Central Storage of Museum Collections (CMZM) being developed in Lesznowola near Warsaw on the initiative of The National Institute for Museums and Public Collections. Based on computer modelling, the construction design is being optimized, so that the CMZM will READ MORE

We determined the mechanical properties of oil paint layers after 30 years of drying!

This achievement allows us to understand how craquelures – a network of cracks – are formed in paintings, but also enables the development of effective methods of protecting works of art in museums while caring for the natural environment. We have shown that paints become stiff, brittle and shrink over time, leading to cracking. This READ MORE

Kick-off meeting on the concept of safeguarding Wawel Royal Castle’s collection

We begin the new year on a high note! At the invitation of the management of the Wawel Royal Castle and the Chief Conservator, Dr. Ewa Wiłkojć, on January 5, we presented to the employees of this institution the concept of safeguarding objects and equipment belonging to the Castle. Prof. Łukasz Bratasz made an introduction, READ MORE

Visiting Warsaw for the AChwOZ XXII conference

After a 3-year break, the AChwOZ conference – Chemical Analysis in the Protection of Cultural Heritage Objects – returned to its on-site form, which we welcomed with great joy! Once again, we took part in the only scientific conference in Poland that brings together specialists from various fields of science supporting with their research preventive READ MORE

Comprehensive database of lime wood properties is already under construction

From the same trunks from which we obtained the samples to determine the critical energy release rate we had more samples cut – so-called dog-bones. We measure Young’s modulus in two anatomical directions of the wood, radial and tangential, and related Poisson’s and see how their values change over a wide range of relative humidity READ MORE