Comprehensive database of lime wood properties is already under construction

From the same trunks from which we obtained the samples to determine the critical energy release rate we had more samples cut – so-called dog-bones.

We measure Young’s modulus in two anatomical directions of the wood, radial and tangential, and related Poisson’s and see how their values change over a wide range of relative humidity – the same as for samples subjected to forced cracking.

Our goal is to build a comprehensive database of mechanical properties of lime wood due to the significant dispersion of properties even within the same species which is characteristic of wood. Moreover, the introduction of these parameters to our model will ensure the consistency of the obtained simulation results with the experimental data.

The research is a part of the Preludium 19 project, project number 2020/37/N/HS2/01727/2, financed by the National Science Center, Poland.

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