Visiting Warsaw for the AChwOZ XXII conference

After a 3-year break, the AChwOZ conference – Chemical Analysis in the Protection of Cultural Heritage Objects – returned to its on-site form, which we welcomed with great joy!

Once again, we took part in the only scientific conference in Poland that brings together specialists from various fields of science supporting with their research preventive conservation practices.

Our group presented the following talks, which were a result of the GRIEG and PVCare projects, also carried out as part of NAWA project:

– Arkadiusz Janas et al., Time evolution of mechanical properties and drying shrinkage of oil paints,

– Sonia Bujok et al., Application of dynamic mechanical analysis to the analysis of threats to poly(vinyl chloride) objects during transport and storage.

The topics of the other presentations were equally fascinating: from the chocolates of King Stanisław August Poniatowski to the rongorongo tablets from the Easter Islands.

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