Discussions about wood

At the end of October, we participated in the Wood Science and Technology III conference in Maastricht, the Netherlands, where we presented our results within the GRIEG and Preludium projects. Sergii presented a 3D model of a panel painting with an existing crack pattern, Kasia talked about the mechanical properties of tempera paints, and Magda considered what makes wooden objects vulnerbale to dynamic environmental variations.

Being so close to Aachen, we decided to spend one afternoon there and visit the Romanesque-Gothic cathedral listed as the UNESCO World Heritage site. On the way back do Poland we also stopped in Naumburg to visit the cathedral and admire a stone sculpture of Uta von Ballenstedt, the archetype of the Evil Queen from Walt Disney’s Snow White.

We hope to share the presented research results with you in the form of a publications soon!

The research presented at the conference received financial support from the National Science Center Poland and the Norway Grants under the GRIEG (2019/34/H/HS2/00581) and Preludium (2020/37/N/HS2/01727) projects.

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