Study on tempera paints now available!

We are delighted to share with you our newest article on the mechanical and moisture-related properties of egg tempera and distemper paints recently published in Heritage Science journal. We hope that our results will throw a new light on the mechanism of craquelure formation and support the evidence-based environmental guidelines for panel paintings which are one of the most vulnerable to climate variations among the heritage objects.

We encourage you to read more about tempera paints (here) and wish our colleagues fast acceptance of other manuscripts!

The publication was prepared within the GRIEG project ‘Model of paintings with craquelure patterns for evidence-based environmental control in museums – CRAQUELURE’ (project no. 2019/34/H/HS2/00581) funded within the European Economic Area and Norway Grants programme in cooperation between the National Science Centre Poland and the Research Council of Norway.

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