Polish-Slovenian discussion on the prevention of plastic objects

Last week together with colleagues from the Faculty of Chemistry (Jagiellonian University) we hosted a group of prof. Matija Strlič from the University of Ljubljana to exchange our experience and thoughts summing up the first year of the PVCare project. We focused mainly on the HCl elimination and migration of plasticizers as the two processes leading to discoloration and changes in the mechanical properties of objects. Hitherto obtained results enabled us to refine experiments that will be the subject of research this year.

Such brainstorming was very inspiring for us!

PVCare project is funded through the OPUS-LAP 20 programme by NCN (National Science Center, Poland, project no. 2020/39/I/HS2/00911) and ARRS (Slovenian Research Agency, project no. N1-0241). 

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