Chemical Analysis in the Protection of Cultural Heritage XXIII

As every year, we could not miss the Chemical Analysis in the Protection of Cultural Heritage conference held at the University of Warsaw Center for Biological and Chemical Sciences. This time in Warsaw, our group was represented by Sergii and Sonia, who talked about the three-dimensional hygro-mechanical simulation of an image on a board with a developed network of cracks and the risk of mechanical damage to sensitive objects related to fast and slow changes in the microclimate. As part of the poster session, a method for determining the type of plasticizer in objects made of PVC using Raman spectroscopy combined with machine learning was also presented.

The research presented at the conference was carried out as part of the GRIEG-Craquelure project (NCN: 2019/34/H/HS2/00581), the bilateral PVCare project (NCN: 2020/39/I/HS2/00911 and ARRS: N1-0241), and also the GoGreen project financed by the European Union.

The book of abstracts is available at

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